Lullabies for Your Inner Child CD

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Lullabies for Your Inner Child

A collection of 14 original songs written by Sharon Roeder that come from the heart and soul, Lullabies for Your Inner Child provides a soothing respite from a stress-filled world. Performed by Jenafer L. Humphries and Sharon Roeder, each song is a nurturing experience for your mind and spirit.

Gates of Heaven    2:23            
Painted Stories                 3:16 
I am the Grace                  4:01
Ladder of Remembrance          2:57  
By the Hand                       2:07  
Angel Lullaby                     4:18 
More Than My Heart Can Hold   3:01
Gem of Heaven                 5:55
Mirror                                 3:05  
Could it be You?               3:22  
Just Passing Through       3:30 
Manuelita                           3:18
Love Will Find a Way       2:39
As I Let Go                         3:40  

1 disc total running time   47:32